Since 1970 my hobby is the occupation with dogs. Unfortunately I could afford at this time still no own dog. When I began 1973 my teachings, I bought myself first dog, this was a Mittelschnauzer. After dying the Schnauzers I bought a shepherd dog. After whose death I had a larger break to insert, because where I lived, no dogs were desired.

When I had then 1997 in own property the possibility of following to my hobby again I bought 1998 myself first Rottweiler, the Ivonne of the Plotzschgrund. A good friend animated me then in the year 2000 to begin with the breed.

In edited version: Since 1970 very much turns around dogs with me. My further hobbies are 2 parrots (a noble parrot and a Gelbscheitelamazone), the moreover have I an aquarium with a capacity of 1000 l, which is occupied with Diskusbuntbarsch.

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